Our Environmental "Green" Projects



The Bitterwood Tree Project

The Bahamas National Trust has asked that we sprout and grow a quantity of Bitterwood Trees. These are a rare tree in the Bahamas, only 3 that are known to exist and there is one in Port Howe that we are gathering seeds from. In April of 2010 one tree was donated for a new park in Arthurs Town, Cat Island. June 2010 hundreds of seeds were delivered to the National Trust



Cove Creek Wetlands Restoration, Devils Point, Cat Island

Flamingo Hills Resort & Marina along with the Bahamas National Trust and the Bahamas Wetlands Society are undertaking the prossess of restoring the tidal water flow in the Cove Creek basin near Devils Point. Follow the progress as the area is returned to it's natural state.



On Going Environmental Clean Up

March 2013

Environmental clean up work is an ongoing project,. In April Flamingo Hills cleaned up the local landfill and created a new entrance road to the area. Old construction equipment, trucks and debris have been removed and shipped off the island for re-cycling.



The Flamingo Hills Tree Nursery

August 24, 2011 Hurricane Irene hit Cat Island hard and severely damaged the nursery at Flamingo Hills, followed by Hurricane Sandy in 2012.Workers have resetthe mature trees but sadly most of the smaller ones are gone. As of March 2013 the mature trees are doing great!

Over the last years over 3000 various palm trees have been sprouted and grown on the Flamingo Hill Nursery. In the last 2 years fruit trees such as grapefruit, bananas and guava are being grown. All the trees are to be used on the grounds of the the Resort and Marina.




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